Forest Balaclava – English

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Forest Balaclava is a loose balaclava worked in a cool rib pattern. The balaclava is worked top down in the flat on a circular needle with increases along the back to give the balaclava a good shape. Then the work is joined and an icord is worked at the bottom and the head opening. Try on the balaclava during the process to see how long you want it to be. The longer the balaclava is, the more baggy and loose it will be as opposed to a more tight-fitting balaclava.

This pattern is in English.


Sizes Onesize
Width 16.5’’ (42 cm)
Length 9.8’’ (25 cm)
Needles Circular needle US 6 (4 mm), 15.7‘’ (40 cm)

Circular needle US 6 (4 mm), 31.5‘’ (80 cm)

Yarn Unicorn Solid, Hobbii = 437 yds (400 m)

Kid Silk, Hobbii = 213 yds (195 m)

Consumption   Approx. 100 g Of Unicorn Solid and 50 g of Kid Silk
Gauge 20 sts = 4’’ (10 cm)


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